Marek Jantos, Appointed Sub-Section Editor for Chronic Pelvic Pain, Editorial Board of Pelviperineology Journal

Marek Jantos was appointed to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Pelviperineology as Subsection editor for Chronic Pelvic Pain. Marek Jantos is also a current member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Lower Tract Genital Disease.

ISSVD Presentation – Findings on Mechanisms of Pain in Vulvodynia


Marek Jantos presented further findings on mechanisms of pain in vulvodynia at the International Conference of the International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Diseases (ISSVD). Entitled Can Pain Mapping in Vulvodynia Cases Provide Insights into Mechanisms and Management of Pain, the presentation reviewed the role of pain mapping in the diagnosis and assessment of vulvodynia and presented findings from an analysis of data involving 82 participants, highlighting the role of peripheral mechanisms and the benefits of pain mapping during assessment of patients. Pain mapping seeks to localize the origins of pain, assess its severity, characteristics and spatial distribution. An integrated mapping and assessment protocol was introduced (IMAP) to assess pain of muscular and soft tissue origin. The presentation was co-authored, Marek Jantos, PhD, Sherie Johns RN, RM, Anna Torres MD, PhD, Ewa Baszak-Radoma?ska MD, PhD.