Annual National Conference of Gynaecologists in China

Marek Jantos has been asked to address the Annual National Conference of Gynaecologists in China, in March 2015 outlining developments in the management of chronic urogenital pain. The conference has an expected attendance of approximately 7-8000 delegates.

Annual National Conference of Gynaecologists China
Annual National Conference of Gynaecologists China 2

New Revised Edition of Textbook on Pelvic Disorders

The editors and publishers of the Textbook on Pelvic Floor Disorders have invited Marek Jantos to contribute a revised chapter on Surface Electromyography and Myofascial Therapy in the Management of Pelvic Pain Disorders. The newly edited text will be in print later in 2017.

National BFE Conference in Xian

Marek Jantos was the keynote speaker at the National BFE Conference in Xian speaking on the management of chronic urogenital pain. This was Marek’s 7th visit to China. A highlight of the visit included meetings and discussions with several senior leaders of the Chinese Medical Association. Several visits are being planned for 2017.

Marek Jantos - China National Conference Xian – June 2016
Marek Jantos - China National Conference Xian – June 2016

Ultrasound Studies in Chronic Urogenital Pain Conditions

Ultrasound Studies

In conjunction with Europe’s prominent Radiologist, Professor Paweł Wieczorek and his team, Marek Jantos, Dr Ewa Baszak-Ramonska and Sherie Johns have commenced trial studies on the impact of myofascial therapy on pelvic vascularity in chronic urogenital pain cases. A cohort of women suffering severe chronic urogenital pain underwent ultrasound studies pre and post treatment to study to impact of therapy on blood perfusion in the pelvic region. The data is currently being analysed and prepared for publication. Further radiology studies are being planned.

New Innovations for the Assessment of Chronic Urogenital Pain

Marek Jantos has developed and is patent right holder on two new patented projects, one a new 4 Channel EMG project to be tested using MRI and Electromyography which has the potential to change the way pelvic muscle function is evaluated. The other project developed in conjunction with Sherie Johns involves electronic pain mapping software to be used with a patient tablet and office computer during patient assessment.

Pain Mapping Studies

Marek Jantos, Sherie Johns and Ewa Baszak-Radomanska are conducting further validation studies for the pain mapping protocols. This marks the next stage of the development of the pain mapping instrument. They are preparing several new upcoming publications based on the analysis of data from approximately 350 pain maps of various chronic urogenital pain conditions, gynaecological disorders and control groups. The initial data analyses show interesting trends that will have implications for the diagnosis and management of chronic urogenital pain conditions.

Presentation at the National Obstetrics and Gynaecology Conference in Xiang

Presentation at the National Obstetrics and Gynaecology Conference in Xiang China, 2015. As an invited speaker Marek Jantos addressed the conference. This is one of the largest conferences of OB/GYNs in China. The conference was ttended by approximately 7000 specialists.

China Workshops and Lectures

China Workshops and Lectures 2013, 2014, 2015. Marek Jantos twice a year meets with specialists in China, providing workshops on Chronic Urogenital Pain. Each of the workshops has been attended by several hundred participants, with several thousand benefitting from the training to date.

Honorary Appointment and Inaugural Lecture

Marek Jantos was recently awarded an Honorary appointment in the Department of Anatomy, Medical University of Lublin, Poland, a position that he gratefully and humbly accepted and treasures. Marek looks forward to collaborating with the faculty and university in various research projects.

Marek Jantos lecture at Medical University Lublin

Medical University of Lublin – Inaugural Lecture.
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Marek Jantos – Chief Consultant of Multi-Centre Study

Marek Jantos has been retained as chief consultant to oversee a major, multi centre randomised control study in 10 overseas hospitals, comparing his treatment protocols with traditional approaches to chronic urogenital pain.